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Auto-tune the News #5: lettuce regulations. American Blessings.

Saturday, April 2nd, 2011

*Disclaimer: I’m not satisfied with parts of this review and reserve the right to revise at a later date.  I just want to get in the habit of writing everyday so I’m going to post the crappier version first.  No more fear of bad words.

In an interview with, Rachel Bowman asked Evan Gregory what the goal of Auto-tune the News was.  Evan’s response (read full interview here)? “To get Joe Biden a record contract.”  They didn’t do Joe any favors in ATTN #5.

Don’t get me wrong.  Biden sounds phenomenal in the video above.  It’s his best performance on any of their videos and along with Katie Couric, he seems to have a voice that was gifted by God for the purpose of digital manipulation.  But when Congressman Steve Buyer breaks in to warn us about the hazards of smoking produce, Biden’s biblical proclamations are all but forgotten.

“It’s the SmOooOOOke, the SmOOOoooOOoke,”sung by Buyer,  stands out as the best segment of the video.  The musical scales explored during Buyer’s speech hint at a pop sound that actively wants to latch on to your brain, wants to challenge your vocal chords to reproduce the fluttering beauty of auto-tuned goodness.

Evan Gregory is equally great in this video, though his performances are intentional (so I guess he loses a few points for trying too hard?…maybe not).  The video’s comedic intro and end  give the it a cyclical feel.  We begin with the boring as Evan lays down his beat for the pundit who spits out things that seem equally true and ridiculous.  Both performances act as good foils to the vibrancy and awesomeness that becomes the previously mentioned Joe Biden space opera.  Evan particularly shines in his duet with the angelic voice of Katie Coo.

ATTN #5 shows the Gregory Brothers fine tuning their musical muscle within the medium they helped create.  The first four videos were very good in that different from anything at the time of their release.  But they tended to rely on humor and angry gorilla soliloquies.  In this video, the music is as important as the jokes.  Potential is realized. -fin


p.s.  If you’re reading this, HOORAY! If you’re commenting on this, HIP-HOP HOORAY! And if you know who Ana Marie Cox is and why she was awarded best intentional dancer on this video, I would love to know and make some kind of HOORAY related celebration in honor of your informing me.