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Silly Songs I Like for Serious Reasons

Friday, August 31st, 2012

I’m a sucker for a quirky girl with a cute voice who plays the ukelele. Not saying that this is my type. You can put down your “Mel Bay Learn to Play Fingerstyle Solos for Ukelele” book, ladies. My tastes are broader than that. But there is something about mixing sweetness with additional doses of sweetness that will hook me every time. Undercutting it with bluntness and eventual psychopathy only serves to shock and make you laugh.  But what drew me in was the sweetness.  What keeps me coming back is the beautiful fear.
This song is fantastic at capturing the hesitation and fear that begins every butterfly phase of (even one-sided….okay, especially one-sided) relationships.  Whenever I find myself feeling happy beyond reason, I immediately brace for a hard fall.  Infatuation is exactly like this, except on rare horrible, wonderful occasions you’re being encouraged by another person to ignore that future pain and embrace the moment.  But that doesn’t stop me, and I think most people, from over analyzing something as reflexively simple as sneezes or battling through painful bouts of self-doubt.

My favorite lyric is when Riki Lindholme sings “and I’ll try to be less of a loser.”  Sometimes if I’m being too introspective and self indulgence it’ll make me forget that I’m human, or to be more precise, that everybody else is too.  Quirky pretty ukelele girls are capable of crippling anxiety just like me, and for odd, possibly masochistic reasons this makes me feel closer to the world.
And I love the ending too, or at least like-like it.   Crude things coming from unexpected places are my favorite!  The best thing about the ending is that if you do find that person who encourages you, and you ignore the scarier aspects of their being, you can find that compromise and satisfy the instinct that prompted you to explore that person in the first place.