Ramble On

Monday, September 10th, 2012

So I just need to write today.  This is day off #4 and I woke up not wanting to write at all, but knowing that this is how it always goes and I should write something and post it even if I don’t tweet it out.

So let’s talk about what I’d like to write. I was planning on writing about the new show Revolution, which I want to be really good, but suffers from having boring leads at the moment.  I’d really like to continue writing about Silly Songs I Like for Serious Reasons because I think that type of writing is right in my wheelhouse.

I’d love to start writing about Community, but hesitate because A) I love that show and wouldn’t know how to be critical of it (or if I’d even want to) and 2) that show gets a lot of digital ink so a unique take on it might be difficult.  I still think I’m growing as a writer, so I’m fine with the idea of doing it just for practice.

The idealist in me wants to be fine with having the crappy stuff I write out there on the internet (hence putting this ramble on the internet).  It’s an ego check for me to know that at some point the extreme majority of writers suck.  But I also know that writing irregardless of mood, physical status, or bad breath is what matters most.  I should probably start developing stuff and be a little more meticulous with what I do.

At times I think it paralyzed me in journalism school because I wanted things to be great right off the bat, but there’s a happy medium in there.  I just need to learn to write and write and write, then analyze and analyze and analyze.  I think anyone who writes loves the feeling of everything flowing beautifully and every sentence owning its own natural rhythm, but some days (like today) you’re just not going to get that.  So I need to find the discipline to put my mind and focus on what I’m doing.


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