Discovering the Wheel

Sunday, April 3rd, 2011

My friend told me that every generation has to rediscover the wheel.  We all think we independently reach conclusions that other eras have figured out or discarded long ago.  Yesterday I discovered my wheel.

I didn’t want to finish my ATTN #5 review yesterday because I got stuck after about 200 words.  Now, if this were an assignment I would power through and accept the mediocre prose or analysis and shrug that everything can’t be perfect.  But I wrote that short piece for myself, so when I ran into the incomplete thoughts and imperfect words, I wanted to stop.

Enter the silly disclaimer at the top of the review.  I know it shows a lack of confidence and might be non-essential to the reader, but that piece of expository information is for me, dear reader.  For whatever reason, I needed to type that stupid thing out so I could tell myself that it was okay to be a little lost.

Right now, I just want to write everyday for no other reason than I want to get better at writing.  I may repeat myself.  I may write irrelevant boring self-indulgent prose for the first month, but dammit I got to start somewhere.

Baby steps.



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