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Blog Analysis: The Militant Ginger

Friday, April 16th, 2010

The Militant Ginger is an opinion-based blog written and run by Ronald Hulme.  It covers a wide variety of topics ranging from politics to beer consumption/appreciation.  The term ‘ginger’ refers to redheaded people and the term ‘militant’ in the context of this particular blog refers to the slightly contentious (though softened with silliness) tone the writer sets.  The blog is maintained through the Blogger website, but can be accessed by typing  This gives the site a feeling of independence.   Autonomy is also achieved through the site’s layout.  The banner is made up of various active pictures that show the author being active and creative (sometimes approaching the previously mentioned ‘realm of silliness’).  The center of the webpage contains the opinion-based blog while the margins on each side are filled with information about the author and the author’s interests.  Access to the email address is placed in a prominent place, being the first item seen on the right hand side under the banner.  It creates a notion of accessibility.  Under the email address are pictures of the site’s editor (a one-eyed, one-eared, tie, and glasses wearing teddy bear) and copy editor (a cat who appears to be studying the dictionary).  This further establishes the silly tone that the blog content depicts and lets the reader know that the author acknowledges that his opinions don’t always possess a super-serious tone.  The left margin begins by showing a small portion of the author’s biopage and links to the full profile.  Under the bio is a list of blogs, webcomics, and an advertisement that appears to reflect things that author heartily approves of.

The Militant Ginger began around 2006.  There are 9 members in the militant ginger community.   The author’s profile has been viewed approximately 9550 times (as of 4:41 April 16th 2010).  The target audience for the author appears to be like-minded people ranging in age from mid 20s to early 40s (though I think it’s safe to assume Mr. Hulme wouldn’t turn away any interested reader) who enjoy quirky areas of popular culture and also have strong opinions about relevant current events while consciously maintaining an active sense of humor.

I personally feel a connection with the Militant Ginger because I’m also a fair-haired young(ish) man with very strong opinions and a healthy sense of humor.  As a personal blog used to express opinions and interests on life I think this particular blog works on every level.